Image of different dance shoes depicting the multiple styles offered at Center Stage Dance in Omaha/Elkhorn Nebraska
 --Dancers are not allowed to chew gum/candy while in class.
-- Dancers must secure hair into a bun for all ballet classes.
-- For all other classes, dancers must secure hair into a ponytail or another style in which hair is tied back to avoid distraction.
-- All jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, watches, long earrings) needs to be removed prior to the start of class.
-- Dancers need to bring a water bottle to class to stay hydrated.
-- Clean street shoes (tennis shoes) are only allowed on the dance floor during hip-hop classes, as a safety measure to our dancers. Bringing dirt, rocks, or snow onto the studio floor causes an unsafe, slick surface for our students.
-- Dancers are expected to use the restroom before or after class in order to prevent distraction. Dancers will only be given the ability to use the restroom during class if they notify the instructor that it is an emergancy.
-- Since dancers exert such high amounts of energy, injuries are something we are prone to. Any injuries NEED to be communicated to staff right away- we are here to ensure safe movement and if a dancer is in pain, we can take measures to protect that student from further injury.
-- If you know your child will be missing class in advance for scheduled events, please communicate that with Center Stage Dance staff. The same applies for an unexpected illness; you can always call and leave a message with staff, in the event that class is in session.
-- At Center Stage Dance, we place a high priority on attendance. Your child will only progress with constant attendance; therefore if a student has excessive absences, Center Stage Dance may dismiss the student without refund.
-- In the event of inclement weather, Center Stage Dance will abide by Elkhorn School District policy in regards to closing. Any other closings, deemed fit by Center Stage Dance, will be communicated to parents immediately. Make up classes and refunds are not available for cancelations due to weather. Information regarding weather related closings will be emailed out, posted on social media, and posted to WOWT Channel 6. 

Image of tap shoes provided by Center Stage Dance
Dress Code
For ballet and pointe classes, dancers are expected to wear:
-A leotard in any color
-Black or pink tights
-Chiffon skirts are allowed, but not required
-Legwarmers and shrugs are allowed, but should be removed after barre
-Pink ballet slippers, leather or canvas

*Dancers in the Ballet/Tap combo classes should dress in ballet attire and bring black tap shoes. *

For contemporary, hip hop, clogging, and tap/jazz combo classes, dancers are expected to wear:
-Form fitting clothing that allows instructors to view the lines of the body, i.e.: leggings, yoga pants, exercise tops
-No baggy t-shirts or shorts
-Contemporary calls for bare feet, but dancers may wear "toe undies"
-Hip hop requires clean street shoes, such as tennis shoes
-Dancers in clogging will need clogging shoes
-Tap and jazz classes will need black tap shoes and black or tan jazz shoes

For body toning classes, students are expected to wear:
-Yoga pants, leggings, or shorts
-Exercise tops or t-shirts
-Tennis shoes
-For certain weeks, students may want to bring a yoga mat to class, but it is not required

For creative movement, dancers are expected to wear:
-Leotard or any top that lies close to the body
-Leggings, sweatpants, or shorts
-No denim