At Center Stage Dance we provide multiple styles for kids of all ages. We offer ballet, clogging, contemporary, tap,  jazz, hiphop, pointe and creative movment for the Omaha and Elkhorn area.
  1. Ballet
    This class will emphasize poise, balance, and coordination and will accentuate the timeless technique that allows the students to further their training in other disciplines. Students will learn traditional ballet vocabulary as well as learn about the classical ballets.
  2. Clogging
    Clogging is a dance form that beats out clattering rhythm. A student progresses by learning the skill of restraining movements.
  3. Contemporary
    Similar to Lyrical, this style delves into bending the rules of ballet, while still utilizing technique. As one of the most prominent dance styles, it focuses on more use of the torso, floor work, and controlled legwork.
  4. Creative Movement
    Creative Movement
    This class is for very young children (ages 3-4) who are still exploring the many ways their bodies can move. It is designed to provide the student with the basics of dance while enhancing their balance, coordination, social skills and self-confidence.
  5. Tap
    This style allows the students to focus on musicality and rhythm.
  6. Hip Hop
    Hip Hop
    This is a style that is constantly evolving and changing with each new generation of dancer that pushes the limits just a bit further. Learn what is happening in the dance community, as it pertains to hip-hop, in a “family-friendly” environment. Dancers will focus on isolations, rhythm, and freestyle movement.
  7. Pointe
    After many years of ballet training, it is customary for dancers with exceptional feet and ankle strength to be moved to pointe. This technique pushes dancers to support all their body weight onto a fully extended shoe en pointe. Due to each dancer gaining strength at their own speed, dancers will be moved to pointe on the basis of permission.
  8. Spotlight Dancers
    Spotlight Dancers
    This is the audition-only performance group offered at Center Stage Dance. As a Spotlight Dancer, you should be focused immensely on your technique and being a leader in the studio; but you also have to be willing to put in extra hours to rehearse additional numbers.